If you would like LGBTQQIA cultural competency training or safe zone training we’ve got you covered.


Online Resources

Supporting Trans Students: An Overview for Secondary School Personnel

A recorded webinar of GSSC co-founders Dr. Anneliese Singh and Maru Gonzalez discussing basic information to best support transgender and gender non-conforming students. Along with the recording you can download the powerpoint slides here.

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance provides free, downloadable resources for educators through the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Safe Schools Coalition

Safe Schools Coalition provides links to a wide variety of resources educators can utilize to foster a safe and inclusive classroom.

Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN)

Lessons and Curricula

GLSEN’s Education Department offers free curricula and lesson plans for educators to use with elementary, middle and high school students.


Organized by grade level, GLSEN’s BookLink makes it easy to find LGBTQQ themed/inclusive books and videos to use in the classroom.

Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

Anti-Bullying Toolkit

Includes excellent model policy as well as issues dealing with cyber-bullying.

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG)

Cultivating Respect

Provides “Top 10 Ways to Make Schools Safer” as well as other valuable resources for anti-bullying legislation, scholarships, and training.

Lambda Legal

Bending the Mold

A transgender inclusive tool kit for creating safe schools and safe spaces. Has a very good glossary of terms commonly used in the transgender community.

Out, Safe, and Respected

A tool kit designed to teach student’s their rights at school and how to make a difference in their community including prom night, creating a gsa, negotiating with adults, speech rights and links to other organizations.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Get Busy, Get Equal

Information on getting anti-harrasment policies in place in schools, how to run trainings, and how to start a GSA.

Don’t Filter Me

The ACLU’s project to stop schools from filtering webites with positive, affirming information about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues while still allowing access to anti-gay websites.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

Welcoming Schools

A toolkit specifically focused on the K-6 level. Provides good information on family diversity, teaching about name-calling, and gender stereotyping. Entire toolkit is based on age-appropriate material.

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance 

At Teaching Tolerance, “educators who care about diversity, equity and justice can find news, suggestions, conversation and support.”

First Person PBS

First Person PBS 

A web series via YouTube is available through PBS and discusses issues of gender identity, sexuality, and the queer community. New episodes are uploaded on Mondays and old episodes are available in the archives.

Stop Bullying


This site offers resources to teachers, students, and families who are impacted by bullying. The link goes directly to information regarding LGBT bullying.

Guide to Understanding Bullying and Cyberbullying 

This site offers resources to teachers, students, and families who are impacted by bullying & Cyberbullying.

GSA Network

GSA Network 

The Gay-Straight Alliance Network works to empower and train LGBTQ students and allies to advocate, organize, and mobilize to create a safer school community for all students.

Gender Spectrum

Gender Spectrum 

Gender Spectrum provides consultation, trainings and events designed to help educators, families, and organizations understand and address gender identity and gender expression.

Everyone is Gay

Everyone is Gay 

This site offers tips, resources, and information for parents and teachers so they can provide a safe environment at home and school for LGBTQ students.

Campus Pride

Campus Pride 

Campus Pride is a nonprofit organization working to empower LGBTQ leaders on college campuses, as well as advocate for safer, more inclusive campus climates. Extensive information regarding bullying is also included.

LGBTQ Friendly Colleges & Student Resources

Student Resources 

This guide was created to help LGBTQ students find campuses that are helping to make the transition to college a more welcoming experience.

Matthew’s Place

Matthew’s Place 

Read stories written by and for LGBTQ teens at Matthew’s place.

Supporting LGBT Inclusive Teaching

Inclusive Teaching 

This page offers free support and guidance on LGBTQ inclusive curriculum.

Pride Education Network

Pride Education Network 

PEN is a group of teachers, administrators, support staff, youth, and parents in the British Columbia area. They are working towards making schools more equitable for LGBTQ students, staff, and families.

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project 

The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth.


Picture Books:

  • And Tango Makes Three,  Justin Richardson & Peter Parnel

  • The Family Book,  Todd Parr

  • The Harvey Milk, Story Kari Krakow

  • In Our Mother’s House,  Patricia Polacco

  • King and King,  Linda De Hann and Stern Nijland

  • Lucy’s Family Tree,  Karen Halvorsen Schreck and Stephen Glassler

  • Mommy, Mama, and Me,  Leslea Newman & Carol Thompson

  • My Princess Boy, Cheryl Kilodavis

  • The Princess and the Treasure,  Jeffrey Miles

  • Stella Brings the Family, Miriam Schiffe

Chapter Books/Novels/Nonfiction

  • Between Mom and Jo,  Julie Anne Peters

  • The Centre of the World,  Andreas Steinhofel

  • From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun,  Jacqueline Woodson

  • It’s Perfectly Normal,  Robbie Harris and Michael Emberley

  • Keeping you a Secret,  Julia Anne Peters

  • The Laramie Project,  Moises Kaufman

  • Luna,  Julie Anne Peters

  • The Misfits,  James Howe

  • So Hard to Say,  Alex Sanchez

  • Stitches,  Glen Huser

  • Swimming in the Monsoon,  Sea Shyam Selvadurai

  • Tough Love: High School Confidential, Abby Denson


  • Acting Out!  Combating Homophobia through Teacher Activism.  Edited by Mollie Blackburn, Caroline Clark, Lauren Kenney, and Jill Smith.  Teachers College Press (2010).

  • Gender, Bullying, and Harassment: Strategies to End Sexism and Homophobia in Schools.  By Elizabeth J. Meyer.  Teachers College Press (2009).

  • Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Issues in Education: Programs, Policies, and Practices.  Edited by James T. Sears.  Harrington Park Press (2005).