Jenna’s Love: A Scholarship for Fierce Youth Change Agents

The GSSC Scholarship provides a $1,000 scholarship to a LGBTQIA+ youth at or with the intent to attend a Post-Secondary Institution. 


This scholarship is named after Jenna Thomas. Jenna was an amazing human being, as well as an influential community organizer, activist, and advocate. She dedicated her life to  making the world a better place by addressing issues of White Supremacy and privilege and advocating for queer and trans young people through leading workshops and seminars to educate others and personally mentoring her friends and family.

Jenna was a down-to-earth, authentic, and compassionate person. She had a very unique sense of humor and was always kind to others who were different and/or similar to her. If you ever met Jenna, your life was transformed – even in a small amount of time. Jenna helped us believe in the power of love, connection, and community! Oh, and by the way, Jenna was a fierce White, young trans woman, and nurse who liberated herself and others along her journey. Hey Miss Jenna – We love you!

Jenna’s Love Scholarship Criteria

This scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to a very special youth who:

  • An LGBTQIA+ Youth (17-24 years old);

  • Is a resident of Georgia

  • Has the intent to attend a Post-Secondary Educational Institution.

  • Has a strong commitment or interest in Activism and Social Justice.

  • Embodies the Spirit of Jenna Thomas: Has an excellent sense of humor, 

  • Believes in the power of love, friendship and leadership to transform the world into a better place. 

  • Demonstrates kindness and compassion to others in meaningful ways.

  • Willingness to participate in an acknowledgement program [attend ceremony, make a video or written thank you]

Scholarship Application Materials

  1. At least one (1) letter of support. (Teacher, Mentor, Fellow Activist, Community Member, etc.)

  2. One (1) Personal Essay describing your educational goals and how you reflect the scholarship criteria. 

Application materials are due September 27, 2019.

Please email materials, using the subject: JLS SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, to

* All scholarship money will be paid out directly to the qualifying institution on behalf of the student. The school will apply the scholarship money to educational expenses and any surplus will be distributed directly to the student. Evidence of Acceptance, Matriculation, or Enrollment must be provided prior to the funds being disbursed to the Registrar/Institution.