Support LGBTQ Youth in Georgia schools


 A donation to GSSC supports over 10 years of progress.

Since 2009, the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition has worked as a small, but committed, a group of volunteers to change the environments in Georgia schools for All students.

During that time, we have educated 1500 Georgia school counselors and educators regarding LGBTQQ+. We responded to over 50 crisis calls from LGBTQQ+ students and their families needing help asserting their rights.

We founded the Georgia GSA Youth Summit, which has brought together nearly 2000 youth, families, and educators together over the past 6 years, With the support of our wonderful partners and indivuals, this has become a much-anticipated event.

We organize and run the LGBTQQ+ Youth Liberation Space at Atlanta Pride.

We also advocated for the first enumerated anti-bullying policies protecting LGBTQQ+ students in Georgia with our coalition partners.

The mission of the Georgia Safe Schools Coalition is to reduce heterosexism and transnegativity, as well as addressing the racism, classism, ableism, and other oppressions that set Georgia students up for harm.

GSSCinc is a 501c3 tax-deductible public charity. Please help us to continue our work!