The Cheryl Courtney-Evans Memorial Scholarship for QYOC 

Watercolor by Nikki Jackson

Watercolor by Nikki Jackson

This scholarship is in recognition of the educational disparities faced by communities of color.  It is the hope of GSSC that this scholarship will advance minority educational equality by providing an additional source of funding for post-secondary expenses. The GSSC Scholarship provides a $1,000 scholarship to a Queer Youth of Color at or with the intent to attend a Post-Secondary Institution. 

This scholarship is named after Ms. Cheryl Courtney-Evans. Ms. Cheryl,  co-founder and executive director of Transgender Individuals Living Their Truth (TILTT), provided support and advocated for Atlanta’s transgender community, and participated in human rights efforts in the greater Atlanta area and beyond.  


This scholarship of $1,000 will be awarded to a very special youth who:

  • An LGBTQIA+ Youth (17-24 years old);

  • Is a resident of Georgia

  • Has the intent to attend a Post-Secondary Educational Institution.

  • From a Historically Marginalized or Under-Represented Community; 

  • Has a strong commitment or interest in Activism and Social Justice.

  • Willingness to participate in an acknowledgement program [attend ceremony, make a video or written thank you]

  • Believes in the radical notion of inclusion when building community that is sustainable and advancing for all.

Scholarship application materials

  1. At least one (1) letter of support. (Teacher, Mentor, Fellow Activist, Community Member, etc.)

  2. One (1) Personal Essay describing your educational goals and how you reflect the scholarship criteria. 

Application materials are due September 27, 2019.

Please email materials, using the subject: QYOC SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION, to

* All scholarship money will be paid out directly to the qualifying institution on behalf of the student. The school will apply the scholarship money to educational expenses and any surplus will be distributed directly to the student. Evidence of Acceptance, Matriculation, or Enrollment must be provided prior to the funds being disbursed to the Registrar/Institution.

Ms. Cheryl & Friends