Caitlin Petrakis Childs 

Caitlin Petrakis Childs is a white, queer, intersex, femme, vegan, community organizer and writer raised and rooted in Atlanta, GA. Since the age 14, she has been active in many movements for social justice including the queer, feminist, intersex, anti-racist, disability, and animal rights movements. In 2007, she was featured in Southern Voice’s ‘Next Generation of Gay Atlanta’ article alongside19 other “up and coming” LGBTQ activists.

Since 2001, Caitlin has been an active and outspoken intersex activist and educator. She has spoken at conferences, universities, colleges, and to community organizations around the U.S. on the topic. She has written extensively about her experiences on her blog and has been published in ‘Visible: A Femmethology, Volume 2,’ available from Homofactus Press. Additionally, she has been featured in the critically acclaimed documentaries ‘One in 2000’ and ‘Intersexion.’   Caitlin is available as a resource to intersex youth and anyone working with intersex folks in need of resources, referrals, or peer support. She is also available to conduct workshops at trainings geared at a variety of audiences. You can learn more about her by visiting or you may contact her directly at